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Vol 1 No. 4 July 17, 2019 

Meet the 2019 JAVA Memorial Scholarship Winners!

The Japanese American Veterans Association announces the winners of the annual memorial scholarship award program for 2019.   Outstanding students from around the country applied for the scholarships.  The candidates for the JAVA scholarships were incredibly talented and accomplished; and all applicants would be worthy of receiving a JAVA scholarship to continue the legacy of the Nisei service to country, despite facing tremendous obstacles placed by their government.

The scholarships will continue to benefit a range of graduating high school seniors, advanced undergraduate students, and post graduate and professional education students.

The $5,000.00 memorial scholarship honoring the late US Senator Daniel K. Inouye’s iconic career of military and civilian public service goes to Daniel Nakasone, a junior at the University of Virginia majoring in Economics and Public Policy. 

The $3,000.00 Founder’s Scholarship (named for JAVA’s founder, the late Colonel Phil Ishio, USAR, his wife Constance and his son Douglas Ishio), goes to Monica Matsumoto, a medical student at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. 

The JAVA Memorial Scholarships, awarded to graduating high school seniors, each in the amount of $1,500, go to:

Tomi Eijima, in honor of CWO 4 Mitsugi Murakami Kasai, MIS;

Noah Haramoto, in honor Ranger Grant Hirabayashi, MIS;

Bryce Katahara, in honor of Betty Shima, lifelong partner of 442 veteran, Terry Shima;

Fiona Koye, in honor of Jack Tashiro, MIS;

Anna Nakamoto, in honor of Victor Matsui, MIS and his wife Teru;

Nikki Ooka, in honor of Calvin Ninomiya, US Army;

Elaine Oyama, in honor of Major Orville Shirey, 442;

Brian Tani, in honor of Grant Ichikawa, MIS;

Benjamin Uchiyama, in honor of past JAVA President and Korean War veteran, Bob Nakamoto;

Taryn Uyematsu, in honor of Yukio Kawamoto, MIS; and

Brett Wada, in honor of Kiyoko Tsuboi Taubkin, longtime patron of JAVA.

The future of our nation is in great hands, knowing these young individuals will be at the forefront. 

Daniel Nakasone, Fort Meade, MD

Unversity of Virginia  / Economcs & Public Policy

Daniel K. Inouye Memorial Scholarship

Monica Matsumoto, Charlottesville, VA

University of Chicago - Pritzker School of Medicine

Founder's Scholarship

Fiona Koye, Bethesda, MD

University of Texas - Austin / Civil Engineering

Jack Tashiro Memorial Scholarship

Noah Haramoto, Whittier, CA

University of California - Riverside  / History & Business

Grant Hirabayashi Memorial Scholarship

Brian Tani, Vienna, VA

Virginia Tech University  / Environmental Science

Grant Ichikawa Memorial Scholarship

Tomi Eijima, San Francisco, CA

Occidental College / Sociology or Urban & Environmental Policy

Mitsugi Kasai Memorial Scholarship

Taryn Uyematsu, Anaheim, CA

Hope International University, CA

Yukio Kawamoto Memorial Scholarship

Bryce Katahara, Great Falls, VA

Cedarville University, OH / Mechanical Engineering

Betty Shima Memorial Scholarship

Anna Nakamoto, McEwen, TX

Tennessee Tech University / Psychology

Vic & Teru Matsui Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Uchiyama, Joliet, IL

University of Illinois - Chicago / Computer Science

Bob Nakamoto Memorial Scholarship

Nikki Ooka, Wailuku, HI

University of Washington / Biology

Calvin Ninomiya Memorial Scholarship

Elaine Oyama, Del Rio, TX

University of Texas - San Antonio / Medical Humanities

Orville & Maud Shirey Memorial Scholarship

Brett Wada, Gardena, CA

Cal State - Fullerton / Business Management

Kiyoko Tsuboi Taubkin Memorial Scholarship

Thank You 2019 JAVA Scholarship Committee!

Mrs. Chris DeRosa, Chair; Dawn Eilenberger, JD; CDR Janelle Kuroda, JAGC, USNR; CAPT (Dr) Cynthia Macri, MC, USN; and Mary Murakami

Special thanks to JAVA Veterans, Families and Donors

Also thanks to: Al Goshi, Mark Nakagawa & Bill Houston

Questions or Suggestions: Please contact Neet Ford, JAVA e-Advocate Editor, at javapotomac@gmail.com.

Japanese American Veterans Association: (202) 494-1978, Address: P.O. Box 341998, Bethesda, MD 20827 https://java.wildapricot.org 

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